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endlessly by trunks-x-goten endlessly :icontrunks-x-goten:trunks-x-goten 6 0 snowfall by trunks-x-goten snowfall :icontrunks-x-goten:trunks-x-goten 2 0 Say Cheese--Trunks x Goten by trunks-x-goten Say Cheese--Trunks x Goten :icontrunks-x-goten:trunks-x-goten 2 0
Goten and Trunks prt2 The Kiss
'Really," says Trunks in a state of shock and awe due to the reaction by Goten, "You feel the same way?"
"Ya, I mean ever since we became really close I've felt this way, maybe it was destiny for us to meet, or some thing else I just can't explain."
"That's funny 'cause I feel the same way about destiny, well with you it had to b, it was no coincidence, when I just kissed you I was in heaven."
Now both the boys are blushing and confused, not knowing entirely what is going on between each other.
"O know what you mean, I think this is what Gohan was telling me about."
"What did he tell you?"
"Well, he told me that when ever he's around Videl he feels like he's in heaven, the greatest sense of happiness he ever has, kind of like the feeling I got when we kissed, and even when I'm just around you and stuff."
Trunks sighs in relife, "Thats really nice to know 'cause that's how I feel a lot when I'm around you, but I don't think our connection is as strong as how Gohan and Videl feel towards
:icontrunks-x-goten:trunks-x-goten 11 3
Goten and Trunks prt 1:Truth
'Why do you always do this to me Trunks," says Goten screaming at the top of his lungs.
"Well Goten its 'cause I'm older than you and I'm always right, you have to understand that I'm fourteen and your still only thirteen," says Trunks with a cocky attitude.
"It still doesn't matter when were playing a game and then you just take it upon yourself to change the rules, I may still only be thirteen, but I'm not stupid ya know."
Now the two have begun getting older they have been having these little spats about every little thing that they have a disagreement about, and as we know when two sayjinns start fighting, they fight until there point is loud and clear.
"Well Goten, if you feel that way about me then why do you even still talk to me, if you don't like me as a friend any more why are you still here."
Goten just stands there why'll listening to the words coming out of Trunks mouth and after he is done he drops a tear to the ground and with a lower, sadder, and unangrey voice," Well T
:icontrunks-x-goten:trunks-x-goten 8 5
GxT Ring-around-the-Rosie
'Hey Trunks how's it going."
Trunks is lying down in the grass and looking up at the clouds not even noticing Goten.
"Trunks, hello, are you there?"
He finally snaps out of it and acknowledges Goten,"Ohh, hi Goten didn't see you there, what are you up to?"
"O nothen," Goten lays next to Trunks and continues talking," I'm just really bored."
"Ya me to I wish there was something to do."
Goten was then struck with an idea, "Hey Trunks I have an idea if your up to it."
"Well right now I'm up for anything, even if it was smack Trunks in the face."
Goten giggles imaging Trunks trying to slap himself," It may seem kinda stupid but why don't we play some of the games we used to play when we were little, It would be a blast from the past ya know," Goten winks.
Trunks sighs and says," Whatever floats your boat, but what game should be play first, that was five years ago when I was eight, how are we gonna remember what we played?"
"I just so happen to have written down all the games we used to pl
:icontrunks-x-goten:trunks-x-goten 5 0
Pink umbrella in the rain 999 by trunks-x-goten Pink umbrella in the rain 999 :icontrunks-x-goten:trunks-x-goten 6 0 Goten x trunks by trunks-x-goten Goten x trunks :icontrunks-x-goten:trunks-x-goten 2 0 Truten2 by trunks-x-goten
Mature content
Truten2 :icontrunks-x-goten:trunks-x-goten 22 0
TrunksxGoten Club ID by trunks-x-goten TrunksxGoten Club ID :icontrunks-x-goten:trunks-x-goten 14 4 open up and put it in by trunks-x-goten open up and put it in :icontrunks-x-goten:trunks-x-goten 5 3 Fusion dance by trunks-x-goten
Mature content
Fusion dance :icontrunks-x-goten:trunks-x-goten 10 0
My Demi-Prince by trunks-x-goten
Mature content
My Demi-Prince :icontrunks-x-goten:trunks-x-goten 5 2
HAPPY hik  NEW YEAR by trunks-x-goten HAPPY hik NEW YEAR :icontrunks-x-goten:trunks-x-goten 38 9 uhoh by trunks-x-goten uhoh :icontrunks-x-goten:trunks-x-goten 7 6 VISIT IT by trunks-x-goten VISIT IT :icontrunks-x-goten:trunks-x-goten 1 2

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Young Ouji and Chibi Son Lovers!
Current Residence: Capsule Corporation and Son House
Wallpaper of choice: With Trunks and Goten of course;)
Favourite cartoon character: Gotenks!

Club has been dead for some time... but nothing much happened... of course we're not saying about affiliates - check them eventualy, there's a few new!:wave: There's also a bunch of few members - our kiddos feel loved!
Enjoy the summer or have fun with winter!


Hullo there, after years of inactivity I decided to drop by to see if there's anyone interested in visiting this club still. As it seems, it's pretty much alive, so I decided to update itXD Sorry for the inconvenience and see you till the next time!

Moderator says: We need submissions! Submissions are good! Give us submissions!XD

1.I like DB yaoi!:heart:
2.I like Trunks and Goten!:aww:
3.I like them together!:devilish:


If you want to submit some works (they have to have Trunk s, Goten or Trunks and Goten or Trunks and Goten with everyone else from DB or Trunks and Goten and everyone else from DB with name, address, age, wives, date of birth and donation for poor dragons on Antarctica or...) - I prefer porn, um... porn... and... yeah, porn is good too:XD: - just send a note with topic 'My works'. They'll be uploaded when I get it^^
...didn't get it? Then listen again:XD:
ANY TRUNKSxGOTEN (or GOTENxTRUNKS) PICTURE IS GOOD. Shota or not, with others or only GxT - ANY! Because it's a club to them and we love here anything that has anything common with this pairing^.^

Ahem:XD: If you want to join SEND ME A NOTE (you can give me money, chocolate and sexy Saiyan in transparent outfit too:XD:) with topic 'I wuv yu!' and also devWatch the club. Oh, and don't forget about putting an icon of this club on your page too! Love and peace!:peace:
Any other ways of trying to be a member will be... well, I can't say 'ignored'. You just can be not notified so it's better to you - SEND A NOTEXD

Started: 21.03
Ended: 1.06
TOPIC ID OF THE CLUB! Draw a fine ID club - it will be hanged on the page of it^__^ *of course, it will be changed from time to time, but it will be sitting here for a long time for sure*. Remember: it's a Trunks x Goten club^__^ It has to have Trunks and Goten on itXD Send a notes with works to the club. Voting will start 2.06.

:heart: 1st entry by :icondragonheart287: WINNER…

:heart: 2nd entry by :iconspeiluhr:…


No new contest running now.

Have a questions? Here is a poor little girl with crazy ideas:XD: Don't eat her! But presents are appreciated:)

:icondrragie: :iconui-azuma: :iconvicky-v: :iconwhitedestiny: :iconmiraitrunksbaby: :iconspeiluhr: :iconmightyi: :icondaihelsing: :icongoten-rockz: :iconseshat-lives: :icondeath-promise: :iconirishime: :iconkome-chan: :iconkaiyahbriefs: :icondevilskissx: :iconesjitu: :iconschu-was-here: :iconcanttakeu: :icondeathbymurder: :iconochibicake: :iconprongsie: :iconbefore-i-sleep: :iconjapan-fan: :icongoten30: :icondomyras:


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Listed at :icondragonball-directory:


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